For Single Ladies Looking

to Find the ONE, Once and For All

(in as little as six months -

even if you've been unlucky in love before)


Over 900+ happily ever after success stories and counting!

With Europe’s No. 1 Dating Coach Sami Wunder

Are you a single woman who’s successful in life,
but unlucky in love?

If you’re ready to discover the proven secrets to attracting an empowered, masculine man in the shortest amount of time

Without needing to play small, dumb down or hide your true self…
AND start dating with ease, joy and fun…

Then you’re in the right place.

Does this resonate?

  • You're tired of feeling like you constantly attract the wrong kind of men (and are starting to wonder if the right man even exists). 
  • You feel unmotivated or insecure about dating because you often get ghosted, or find that men come on strong at first, only to fizzle out on you.
  • You find it hard to meet men you actually like - it feels like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. 
  • And when you DO find that rare man you like, you get attached & over-invested quickly, only to end up getting your heart broken & for history to repeat itself. 
  • With your exes, you always felt like you deserved more than what they offered you. 
  • You're confident at work but when it’s time to look at your love life, your confidence gets shaky or you resort to playing small & settling for less than you deserve. 
  • You attract men's attention easily but then ‘something happens’ and you fail to sustain it in the long-run. 
  • You've just gotten out of a break-up or divorce and now you don't know where and how to start with confidence again. 
  • You wish you could captivate the right man's attention, own the room and truly feel like the prize around men!
  • You're tired of going on endless dates that never lead to a forever commitment or  building that future family your heart ultimately desires. 
  • Despite following several dating "experts" online, none of their  'generic information' is bringing you tangible results in your love life & you’re ready to learn what actually works.

And right now, you’re starting to think maybe you’re just unlucky in love and will never be able to find the “one,” so it is tempting to AVOID looking at your love life & put all your energy into your career instead… 

Nodding your head in agreement?

You’re not alone!

And your forever commitment with 
your dream man is closer.

Not You!

The problem is NOT you, my love.
 And the problem is NOT ‘men’ either.

It’s the outdated advice that is being flung around by well-meaning family members; your happily married besties,
and even the so-called Tik Tok “experts”.

They’re telling you the secret to finding love is…

  • Looking like a size zero supermodel and investing thousands in getting your face, nose and body fixed because all men care about is looks. Right?! (Sigh) 
  • Spending your paycheck on designer bags and shoes to have a better chance of attracting the “high value” men.
  • Making sure you have ‘good etiquette’ and ‘table manners’ so that you signal that you belong to ‘high society’ where only the good men interact. (Seriously?!)
  • Ensure that you don’t leave men waiting too long for sex, or they’ll cut and run. 
  • Never out-earn a man or be more successful than him because that is the sure-shot way to hurt his ego and ruin your romantic future with him. 

Sound familiar?

And the worst one of all, that drives me MAD - 

* Be more ‘feminine’ & ‘submissive’ if you want to be loved - (aka go back to the 1930s, have no voice; and don't express your standards or hold any boundaries else he will think you´re too demanding & run away)! 

    First off, it's 2023!    

And all of this  B.S. is making smart, successful women like you settle for less instead of feeling EMPOWERED in your love life.

Here's what I know to be true after my DECADE of experience  in the love coaching industry…

And after helping hundreds & hundreds & HUNDREDS  of women to attract healthy, empowered masculine men, and  positively impacting THOUSANDS  of relationships & marriages worldwide… 

The secret to finding the love of your life has nothing to do with table manners, designer bags or looking like a supermodel.
(That is SUCH a superficial outlook on love…)

And  EVERYTHING to do with knowing how to use your personal power as a woman, fully own  your worth, and only ever be available for a man who values your happiness as much as YOU do. 


It is about skyrocketing your self-love, self-worth and self-trust to the extent that you are ONLY a vibrational match for a man who treats you as amazingly as you treat yourself.  

  • No more emotionally UNAVAILABLE men…
  • No more hot- then- cold men who treat you poorly…
  • No more flaky, non-committal men who waste your time, sometimes for months or even YEARS… 

So if you’re ready to rewrite the rules for your “unlucky in love” story and attract your empowered, masculine man, the one who is a giver, a provider, and believes in making an effort for a woman like you…

And learn the practical and powerful strategies with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF RESULTS for single women like you, then you´re in the right place…

My incredible team of trained coaches and myself are world leading experts at helping you break through the struggles of early dating & support you with every imaginable situation that comes up, as you navigate dating all the way to a forever commitment or proposal …

We're not about helping you attract a ‘Mr. Right Now’ ....

We´re obsessed with helping you attract YOUR loyal & devoted KING, once and for all, (no matter how hopeless or unmotivating or hard things may feel right now).

Who Am I And Why You Should Listen To My Love Advice? 

Hi! I’m Sami Wunder (recognized as the “Get the Ring Coach” by the BBC and the Daily Mail & The Modern Day Relationship Guru by Business Insider).

I’m a LEADING INTERNATIONAL DATING AND RELATIONSHIP COACH and for the last 10 years I've specialized in helping professional women like you, to crack the code to blissful romantic love that LASTS! 

My credentials, experience and all testimonials you see on this page are verified by the CPD, the world's largest independent coach regulation body, so I want you to rest assured you are in safe hands, when you decide to invest in Elevate.

And here's my personal story and journey …  

Today, I am the Master Love Coach & CEO of a multi-7 figure per year company that positively impacts the lives of over 150,000 women across 86 countries of the globe. 

And I am a mom of two beautiful boys and an adored wife of over 10 years….

But not that long ago, just like you, I too struggled massively, when it came to attracting healthy romantic love….

For years, I was the smart, successful woman who couldn’t understand why she was permanently single and always getting ghosted by men she liked…

I was highly educated with a Masters degree ( I am an MPP- Masters in Public Policy from Germany´s top private School and a trained Economist & Gold Medalist from India´s Top University for Economics)...

I had a huge passion for life, I took care of my appearance & body and had a great social circle of friends … From the outside, my life looked perfect.

But on the inside, I was hurting….

Because my love life was a total disaster & I secretly felt ashamed about it after repeated negative experiences with men…

In fact, I had started to feel like maybe something was wrong with me.

I'd either meet men who were totally uninspiring to me or in the rare circumstances I met men I liked, they all eventually fizzled out sooner or later.

My relationships would just NOT GROW into the kind of intimacy and connection I wanted to experience.

And being honest with you, for a long time, I just blamed it on always meeting the “wrong” men...

(That was my GO-TO… blame something on the outside). I had built a firm story in my head that all men were intimidated by my intelligence and brains…

Also making me feel like I had to CHOOSE between love and an amazing career because I couldn't have both.

But then came along Marius… A handsome, passionate lawyer from New York, with whom the connection I felt was electrifying… For the first time in my life I felt like I had met a man who could handle my intelligence, my brains …

I felt seen, heard, held and understood and dare I confess - I felt like I had found the ONE.

So can you imagine my pain, humiliation and sense of defeat when after two months of intense dating, Marius dumped me with the words - 

 “Sami, you're an amazing girl but I don't think I can give you what you want.” 

That day, I felt so broken & humiliated that I could have easily just given up on my love life and buried my head deep in my work as a means to escape from the pain I was feeling….

BUT, I decided to do the OPPOSITE (thank God for that!)

I decided to figure this stuff out instead & double down on understanding WHERE I was going wrong in my love life and WHY.

I knew I wanted soulmate love and a family…

It made me feel vulnerable to admit this, but it was important to me.  

So I decided to STOP blaming men and take 100% PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the way I was showing up in my love life.  

I dived deep...

I studied everything I could on what it takes to attract and sustain a happy, romantic relationship without sacrificing your career or changing yourself for a man. 

   My research showed me without a doubt  

We are loved for WHO we are, not what we DO! 

But so often, women like me & possibly you,
HIDE their true selves from the world… 

  • We hide our feminine energy…
  • We hide our vulnerability…
  • We hide our needs and desires…
  • We play good girls, afraid of voicing our boundaries…

   Here’s what I know to be true  

It is your vulnerability & feminine energy that ultimately leads to that earth-shattering connection and romance your heart craves with a high quality, masculine man! 

Based on everything I was learning in this phase of my life back in 2010,
I started to show up completely differently with the men I was dating.

I learnt to put my mask down and open myself up to men, (as scary as it was).

I learnt to RECEIVE from men vs. always overgiving to them.

I learnt to embrace my VULNERABILITY in front of men I liked… And I learnt to value myself in an unshakeable, uncompromisable kind of way.

I realized that success in love was truly NOT about my looks or achievements…

It was about me being able to embody my FEMININE ENERGY around the men I liked and honor my heart first and foremost…

And once I got this...

It was only 9 months later that I was engaged to my amazing husband Chris;
who adores the ground I walk on….

He celebrates my success, is a beautiful present father to my kids
and an amazing lover and devoted husband. 

Since then, there's been no looking back…

I knew I wasn't alone in my struggles.

I knew that millions of smart, strong, women around the world needed to hear the messages that had changed my own love life so radically and so fast!

Hence I made a humongous career switch that totally took my family by surprise, trained as a love coach and developed my own unique, six step, signature process -


based on what I’d learned in that year prior to meeting Chris, my husband.

I founded my own love coaching company to help women like you find (and keep) soulmate love….  

And the results that our clients have got, from following the Love Success Framework have been, in one word, UNBELIEVABLE!

Using my framework, over 500+ clients have got married to the love of their lives; another 500+ clients have attracted healthy committed relationships and thousands of others have used my tools to feel more confident & empowered in dating and their partnerships.

And these are just the reported numbers … 
the actual numbers are FAR bigger than this, so we know...

we are onto something AMAZING here!

Your forever commitment is meant for you too
and you can have the love you want. 

So what if You could...

  • Feel genuine excitement to go on dates because you knew you had a proven-clear cut approach that leads to quality connection with men you like (without wondering ever again, if he's going to text or not). 
  • Never waste your time again on men who are emotionally unavailable, men who will never make an effort or invest in you or are commitment-phobic.
  • Have a calendar full of romantic dinner date invites from high quality men who are stepping over each other, just to book a spot on your diary (without texting endlessly & wasting your precious time). 
  • Confidently and clearly communicate your value to men on first dates, so that they feel inspired to keep asking you out instead of fizzling out. 
  • Continue to consistently feel like the prize & expect great treatment even in mid-level dating (where many men fizzle out), & feel this way, even after sleeping with him & knowing it is SAFE to get attached. 
  • Draw healthy boundaries in dating, say NO like an empowered diva & ask for your needs & desires to be met by men,  without them even blinking. 
  • Go confidently from early dating, all the way to a proposal or forever commitment & creating your own beautiful family, no matter your current body size, age or past history in dating! 

And achieve this with ease, grace and FUN
in as little as 6 months to a year? 

possible for you!

Yes this is possible for You!

Just like it was possible for these
amazing women
like it was for …


Dr. Minal from Virginia… 

Jessie from California …


My signature 6 month live group coaching program designed to support you to find the ONE, once and for all (even if you've been unlucky in love before)!

Elevate is the PROVEN way to fast-track results in your love life and collapse your timeline of love struggles from a decade to a year (or even just a few months), when it comes to learning the skills to attract an empowered masculine man!

In this 6 month long, deep dive journey, you will access all the tools, skills, strategies and  live coaching support needed for your complete love life makeover using my revolutionary


This is the one-of-a-kind approach to learning art of attracting & creating a healthy romantic relationship with a high quality man so you can have the forever commitment you’ve been dreaming of.



gives you a tangible, proven way to attract an empowered masculine man within the shortest possible time; (saving you YEARS of trial and error, heartbreak, or wasting time on the wrong men). 

It addresses the six critical areas and skills you need to start dating with confidence whilst helping you heal from any previous relationship breakdown or loss of trust due to bad experiences with men. 

It will give you the practical, step by step tactics you need to meet good men (both online and offline), break through early dating, build a solid connection with a great man all the way to mid-level dating and elevate the relationship to a long-term commitment or proposal.

And it will teach you how to master the energetics of being open to receive the love that is meant for you.

Below are the


steps presented briefly -

  step 1  

Energy Mastery

Master your mindset, energetics and discover how to use your own energy to FAST TRACK your soulmate attraction & attract him at record speed. 

  step 2  

feel worthy from within

Feel deeply worthy of your desires and love yourself enough, to only accept the best treatment from men in your life. No more heartbreak, whining or pining after men who don't treat you well. 

  step 3  

Magnetize Empowered Masculine Men Using The Power Of Your Feminine Energy 

Discover the power of polarity & the impact it has on igniting passion & desire in empowered masculine men, without efforting for their love. 

  step 4  

Rotational Date For Love Empowerment

Discover a revolutionary way of dating to have more choices in men and attract your husband faster than you ever thought was possible.

  step 5  

Release Intimacy Fears & Let The Love Of A Good Man in 

Welcome love in and find crystal clarity on the kind of man you want to attract by using my process to identify your deal-breakers, non-negotiables & minimum standards. 

  step 6  

Understand Men & Their Commitment Timelines 

Discover what empowered masculine men want, need and respond to in dating that gives you results with them. 

When you join

Elevate and begin implementing


you’ll start to see results within the first four-six weeks already.  

You’ll find yourself feeling more confident and clear about how to date effectively; you’ll notice you’re attracting better quality men, and will start having more fun on the journey to attracting the ONE; all while being courted like a queen!

“It was a big decision to invest in Elevate but in the first month I knew I’d made the right decision”


This is not just a “what to wear” or “what to say on a date” superficial course full of surface level tactics that don't give you lasting results and your ultimate dream - creating that amazing relationship & beautiful family of your own.

It is a deeply healing and empowering program for women, that combines both the energetic techniques AND the practical tools
that help you understand

  • Why you’ve been unlucky in love before & how to rewrite your love story
  • What’s working right now in dating to get different results with quality men?
  • And how to become a woman who attracts exactly what she deserves and desires! 

And whilst most programs out there are only teaching one or at most two of the 6 steps required to attract an empowered masculine man and find your forever commitment… 

My comprehensive Love Success Framework incorporates  ALL the essential topics necessary for soulmate attraction

   In ONE life-changing program- Elevate!

What’s more, no other program has been consistently delivered for nearly a DECADE with over 900 success stories and 90% of clients rating it 10/10 on the surveys!
(Read that again if you're wondering about client satisfaction!) 

Are You Going To Be Our
Next Success Story? 

I know one of the biggest questions you’re wondering is - how much personalized support can you really get from a group program?

And this is one of the biggest surprises for clients who join Elevate, because the answer is - A LOT!

This personalized support tends to make the biggest difference to our client’s success and the great news is you’ll be able to pick Sami and her team’s brains to your heart’s content.

When You Join Us Inside Elevate Today,
You’ll Get -

24 Live Coaching Calls For A Full Six Months
- October 2023 - March, 2023

(Value - 15,000 Euros)

This includes - 

  • 12 Live Q&A Group Sessions where you get direct access to Sami Wunder and her team of trained coaches. 12 Live Q&A Group Sessions where you get direct access to Sami Wunder and her team of trained coaches.

    You can ask for support about any and everything that is going on for you, be it navigating difficult emotions, having a dating slump or needing help with a specific tough conversation with a man you like. 

    This is personalized feedback (leading to personal growth on steroids), to help you move forward, much faster when it comes to finding the ONE.
  • 6 Live Teaching Sessions with Sami Wunder method trained (dating/relationship) coach Katrina Small where the Love Success Framework curriculum will be taught to you LIVE, ensuring you´re able to keep up with the course content, even if you can only attend one call per month.
  • 6 Live Implementation Sessions with senior Elevate coach Natalie Deadman where you’ll access powerful, practical tools to help you integrate what you're learning from the course content and apply it in real life on your dates and the situations you are going through with men. 

Note - All live calls take place on the weekend, to make it easy for busy women like you to attend. If you desire to know the time of the calls, you will find it at the end of the page in the FAQ section.

 Access to the World-Leading, Sami Wunder
Love Success Framework via 8 Highly Practical Self-Study Modules

(Value - 5,000 Euros)

A clearly-structured, multimedia curriculum of videos, audios and worksheets guaranteed to leave no stone uncovered in your quest for a forever commitment and ensure you’re never left wondering how to move forwards with high quality men.

PLUS - You get to keep access to the content for a full year & can renew access after that for a small fee, should you wish to.

A Private, Global, Highly-Supportive Facebook Community Where Your Questions Are Answered Within 48 hours

(Value - 5,000 Euros, but honestly… Priceless)

This is a fully moderated, SAFE, non-judgemental space for you to bring anything that is going on in your love life to the group & get support between the live calls on the weekends.

You will get answers to your questions from expert coaches within
just 48 hours or even sooner.

Here you will meet intelligent women like yourself, from all around the world, walking the same journey as you and giving you loving sisterhood and support as you implement the life-changing Wunder knowledge.

Unlike other programs where it’s easy to just feel like a “number” in the group, you’ll receive personalized care and attention on a daily basis throughout your six months from Sami & her associate coaches.

Our clients consider this a priceless service because we follow
your individual stories closely inside the group.

Here's yet another glimpse of what our clients say about the HIGH LEVEL of personalized care & support we provide within the Facebook group. 

 Trained Relationship Coaches

In this live coaching program, you will be supported not just by me but my entire team of trained Wunder Coaches, namely senior Elevate Coach Natalie Deadman and certified coach Katrina Small.

Natalie & Katrina are my former clients (now happily partnered themselves - read their stories below!) and they are my personally-trained supporting Associate Coaches who receive BLAZING reviews from our Elevate clients. 

With the presence of our mentors inside Elevate, we had an extra flavor of diversity and personality to our client's experiences.

Coach Natalie is supremely skilled at feminine energy and deep emotional work
and is a soft spoken and very intuitive coach.

Coach Katrina, with 15 years of coaching experience in her kitty and being a mom of teenagers is highly relatable to our more mature clients.

Sami Wunder Trained - 
Senior Relationship Coach

Natalie Deadman

Natalie Deadman is Sami’s senior supporting coach in Elevate and personally trained and mentored by her.

As a former client of Sami’s, Natalie understands first hand the value and life-changing impact of her teachings, making her the perfect coach to support you through this six month journey.  

After struggling for years to maintain a healthy relationship with a man, Natalie had lost count of how many men had broken up with her. Coming from a difficult childhood, she was experiencing too many blocks and had a hard time being in her Feminine Energy – UNTIL she started Sami’s work.

Elevate changed her life so radically, that she met the love of her life and got married in under a year!

Now, 5 years later, they live happily together in the United Kingdom and are undergoing IVF to grow their family.

Natalie is such an advocate of Sami’s transformational work that she decided to to help spread Sami's message of love empowerment by certifying in the Love Success Framework to support other women to shift from single to happily ever after.

Natalie’s message to you is, “Even if you’re skeptical at first, I can tell you first hand that doing this powerful, inner work will not only transform your life – it can also get you the ring!” 

Sami Wunder Trained - 
Senior Relationship Coach

Katrina Small

Katrina Small has been personally trained and mentored as one of Sami’s expert relationship coaches and in her unique Love Success Framework  She lives in Australia and has an extensive professional background as an executive in global companies.

Apart from being Sami's supporting coach in the ELEVATE: Next Level Love live group coaching program, Katrina is also Sami's former client and success story herself.

After leaving her 20-year-old unhealthy and emotionally unsafe marriage, Katrina found Sami. The inner work she did thanks to Sami’s methods radically changed the way she was dating and relating with men.She went from living in her Masculine Energy 24-7, (and feeling like her partner was her Executive Assistant), to rotational dating at age 47 and attracting empowered, high-value men by being in her Feminine!

After attracting the love of her life (her amazing, adoring partner Mal) Katrina has also embarked upon this important journey to spread Sami's message of love, possibility and empowerment to other women.

 She wants you to know that,  ”No matter how much of a high achiever you are career-wise,
you really CAN have it all if you do this work!” 



The 6-Step Love Success Framework™
For Single Ladies Looking To Attract An Empowered, Masculine Man, Once & For All

Love Success Foundations #1:
Fast-Track Your Journey to the Love of Your Life

We know you’re a busy woman who wants results fast; which is why to kick start your journey to everlasting love, you’ll access three powerful foundational steps  to accelerate your path to finding the right man.

   Love Success Foundations #1:

Fast-Start Onboarding & Welcome

To kickstart your journey to everlasting love you’ll access simple, step by step 2-5 min videos to help you rapidly get acquainted with the program; make the best use of the support & resources available inside it, and feel strongly connected with your fellow diva sisters who will share this journey with you in a safe
and non-judgemental container.

You will find answers to questions like:

  • Why you’ve been unlucky in love before & how to rewrite your love story
  • What’s working right now in dating to get different results with quality men?
  • And how to become a woman who attracts exactly what she deserves and desires! 

   Love Success Foundations #2:

Fast-Track MANIFESTATION - 3D, 4D and 5D dimensional living introduce

Manifestation is the process of turning your dreams and desires into physical reality (and is the untapped superpower you didn’t know you already had)!

In this powerful foundational workshop, you’ll access the formula to 'compress time', so you can stop dreaming of your soul mate love and start attracting him in the shortest amount of time possible, and with the least possible effort in your current life reality. Just doing this video training alone will elevate your energy and soulmate-attraction to the next level!

You’ll also learn:

  • What is Manifestation and what are its 3 stages?
  • Why does it take so long for some women to manifest their soulmate, vs. others who seem to have it really easy & fast? 
  • How do you overcome your own resistance that keeps you from manifesting the love you desire?
  • How to start living more from your empowered masculine and feminine energies to rapidly attract the ONE?
  • What are some practical methods you can use, to keep your energy and your manifestation power high (even during an energetic funk when men are ghosting or disappointing you)?
  • How to recognize Wounded vs. Empowered energies;- (both in the men you are dating and in yourself) and finally break the pattern of always attracting the wrong guy.

   Love Success Foundations #2:

Cracking the Code To Successful Online Dating To Meet High Quality Men

In the Wunder World, we believe that dating is healing, so  we want to have our single ladies interacting with real men and dating right from the start!

It’s easy to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by online dating which is why we’re breaking it down for you with all the practical tools and guidance you need to start get dates from the get-go

Spoiler alert - unlike some of the advice from other dating coaches we won’t be asking you to do anything weird or awkward like call the guy you just met….Or walk up to the man you like and rub his arms - LOL

Instead, we’re answering your BIGGEST questions such as:

  • How do you write an online dating profile that catches an emotionally available man's attention?
  • What type of photos should you choose for your online profile to present yourself in the best way?
  • What are Sami's recommended online dating apps and websites?
  • The Warrior Diva’s guide on answering the hard, awkward or downright annoying questions that men typically ask in early dating (such as, “Why are you still single?” yawn)
  •  How to stay engaging & keep the conversation going in online dating chats, to inspire the man to ask you out on a real date?
  • How do you spot scammers, players, douche-bags and time-wasters, so you always feel safe online?

PLUS - you’ll access these incredible goodies to start getting real results right away:

  • A video training on the EXACT PROCESS Sami takes her VIP clients through to help them master online dating with ease and without overwhelm to  meet great men online. 
  • The proven 3 Step “From-Texting-Buddy-To-Date-Night” process to STOP texting with men endlessly and instead have them desperate to invite you on REAL romantic dinner dates.  
  • A comprehensive guide to FLIRTY TEXTS to send men to keep their interest alive in you ... before the first date! 
  • The INTIMACY CHEATSHEET where I give you the exact questions you can ask men on the first few dates to help them feel emotional intimacy with you. 
  • An Affirmations Audio to help you anchor into your grounded, powerful, confident energy while navigating online dating... 
  • A comprehensive guide on Do's and Don'ts for the FIRST DATE... so they lead to more dates with men you like, and the intimacy and connection can progress - ultimately helping you meet your KING!

After a fast start diving into the


you’ll then immerse yourself into my leading 6 step Love Success Framework to help you master the secrets of attracting the ONE,

once and for all

(With six whole months of personalized support to attract the love of your life)!

   MODULE #1:

Take Your Power Back in Love & Dating (How to Release Your “Unlucky in Love” Story Once and For All)

You simply can’t attract the love of your life when you’re stuck in fear of rejection or overthinking everything when it comes to relationships.  

That’s why in this game-changing training you’ll learn how to release your “unlucky in love” mentality and reclaim your power from any ex or emotionally unavailable man who is draining your emotional energy right now and holding you back from finding the ONE - the one who will be devoted to you and your happiness. 

In this module you’ll discover the difference of living life in your Empowered (versus Wounded) Feminine and Masculine Energies, so you can attract emotionally healthy relationships and ELEVATE to your next-level love.

Through powerful video trainings, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify, heal and release your own 'victim voices' and disempowering stories keeping you stuck on the sidelines or in endless first dates.
  • The importance of letting go of an emotionally unavailable man, and how to deal with the pain that comes with it.
  • How to harness the power of both your Feminine and Masculine energies and create space for an emotionally healthy man to enter your life

You’ll also access:

  • A cheatsheet detailing how to recognise  Empowered versus  Wounded behaviours  so you can “reset” any time you’re slipping back into disempowering stories  
  • A powerful 10 minute forgiveness meditation to help you let go of the baggage from past hurt and disappointment and open your heart to new love  
  • “5 Signs it’s time to let go of a man” - this pdf guide will support you to know for sure if a relationship is worth holding onto, or best to move on from

   MODULE #2:

Reignite Your Self-Love, Self-Trust and Self-Worth 

No more doubting your worthiness
as a woman! 

The only surefire way to attract a healthy, romantic relationship for life is to first love and validate YOURSELF because when you do, this is the energy that magnetizes the right man into your world.

Module 2 will give you all the tools and skills you need to dive deep inside your heart; to reclaim your self-worth (that's always been inside of you but that you've struggled to access or believe in), to own your magnificence, and never again allow self-doubt to hold you back from your soulmate.

Through insight-packed workshops and actionable videos you’ll learn:

  • Why, despite being an accomplished and successful woman, you’re still struggling with feelings of “not good enough” (and how to remedy this).
  • How to acknowledge and heal the “needy girl” inside of you so you can love yourself (and stop seeking men’s attention to feel validated)
  • The keys to unlocking self-trust that lead to empowered choices in life and love
  •  How to love and honor yourself so you finally feel worthy of an amazing man (no more comparing yourself to other women’s looks or achievements)!
  • How to unleash your inner magnetism to attract higher caliber men and feel “Diva” every time you’re in his presence

You’ll also access:

  • Powerful self-love rituals that help you become your own cheerleader and stop projecting any neediness onto men
  • A behind-the-scenes coaching recording where you’ll watch Sami expertly support a client through healing her inner child and release feelings of unworthiness (in just one session).
  • A guide to 20 self love affirmations to support you to feel worthy and empowered at any moment of the day
  • Diva affirmations to project self-worth and confidence into all areas of your life
  • Worksheets and checklists to help you implement and stay on track

   MODULE #3:

How to Magnetize Your Dream Man Using Your Feminine Energy

The secret to magnetizing your dream man lies in knowing how to unlock the magic of your feminine energy.

Accessing this module alone is worth the investment in ELEVATE, because once you know how to do this, you become irresistible to high-value men and can stop wasting time on those who will never commit!

In this 2 hour long workshop, you'll finally get the answers as to why you keep ending up with the wrong guy (and what to change to elevate yourself into a whole new dating league).

you’ll learn:

  • The reasons why you may have ended up with lazy, passive men in the past (and what to do differently to find your perfect match)
  • How to start attracting  proactive, masculine men (and never again feel you need to dumb down or play small)
  • The secrets of keeping sexual tension alive far beyond the first few dates (hint - it’s not about taking out shares in Victoria’s Secret)!
  • How to deal with men who are takers and constantly want you to help or rescue them.
  • How to receive from men vs. be the over-giver in your relationships. 

You’ll also access a workbook to guide you step by step to put everything into practice for your very next date!

   MODULE #4:

The Art of High Value Feminine Dating Around High Quality Men

In this module you’ll learn how to fully embody your feminine energy in a way that will forever change how you date in the future as well as how to manage your emotional attachment in early dating to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

In this module you’ll access the powerful nuts and bolts of putting your feminine energy magic into practice (which no other program teaches at this level) and discover: 

  • What High Value Feminine Dating means; why men respond to it so powerfully, and how to have more fun in early dating than you ever have befor
  • The freedom of Rotational Dating: How this gives you more choices so you don’t rush into exclusivity with the wrong man
  • How to handle a man’s reactions to Rotational Dating with a done-for-you guide to deploying a “No Girlfriend Speech” when you need to
  • How to rapidly spot men who are not right for you and ensure you don’t emotionally overinvest in connections that have no potential
  • How to manage online dating on your terms and without it feeling overwhelming or exhausting
  • How to know when it’s the right time for sex (and how to navigate it)

At the same time, we'll be teaching you how to manage your emotional attachment early on in the dating process, to avoid any potential heartbreak. 

This module also covers online dating, and includes done-for-you scripts and skills to support empowered communication with men. 

PLUS access these done-for-you resources

  • The 8 Instincts of Empowered, Masculine Men Cheatsheet so that you can recognize these men quickly, both online and offline and save yourself from dating the time wasters.  
  • Online Dating Communication: Your cheatsheet of words and phrases that build attraction and foster intimacy with men instantly, inspiring the right men to bond with you deeper in the dating process. 

   MODULE #5:

Healing Intimacy Fears and How to Spot the Signs He’s a Keeper

If you have a pattern of sabotaging a good relationship, or  secretly feel afraid that being with a man will take away your hard-earned freedom
and independence then this module will be life-changing!

You’ll learn what’s really going on beneath the surface so you can identify, overcome and heal any intimacy fears that are holding you back from your forever commitment.

Plus, we're going to show you how to get crystal clear on the kind of man you're looking to attract, by nailing down your Non-Negotiables, Deal-Breakers and Minimum Standards, so that you can choose a HEALTHY, loving man who treats you like a Queen. 

Through powerful step by step video trainings, checklists and worksheets you’ll learn:

  • How to finally feel safe to let love (and the right man) into your heart, through Sami’s unique and deeply powerful “Heart Convergence” exercise.
  • The limiting beliefs that are causing you to fear intimacy instead of receiving more of it (and how to release these once and for all).
  • Why you run away from, or are easily bored by “good men” and wind up sabotaging relationships (once you understand this, you’ll never make this mistake again)
  • The little-known differences between chemistry and physical attraction versus a real connection so you invest in the right men
  • How to let go of the fear of losing your freedom and independence in a relationship (and truly have it all in love and life)
  • The 7 Types of Men who are not your soulmate so you can  stop choosing men who will break your heart
  • How to set your minimum standards, deal-breakers and non-negotiables for the man you desire and deserve (and spot the signs he’s a keeper)

PLUS, access the “Love is Meant For Me” audio; 10 minutes of powerful affirmations you can listen to daily to create an unshakeable belief that love really does exist and is your birthright.  

   MODULE #6:

Mastering Vulnerability and Strong Boundaries

Never worry about being taken for granted by a man again (without needing to close your heart off completely).  Kick-ass, healthy boundaries are the hallmark of an elevated Feminine Goddess and this module reveals exactly how to create them for yourself.

In Module 6, you will learn how to express softness and vulnerability to invite healthy masculine men in as well as the strength and fearlessness to say NO when needed.

Through revolutionary and practical video trainings you’ll discover: 

  • The Keys to Healthy Boundaries in Dating and Relationships (no more settling for “good enough”)!
  • How to fully embrace your vulnerability and emotions without losing your independence as an ambitious, successful woman
  • The difference between High-Value vulnerability and low-value vulnerability (and which one turns men ON  vs OFF)!)
  • The allure of feminine softness - what is it, how to tap into it, and feel empowered to attract a high-caliber man
  • How to express your feelings and emotions in a way that brings men closer to you vs. pushing them away
  • Recognising your emotional triggers so you can handle them with confidence and feel safe expressing yourself to men
  • Know when to walk away: how to leave a man who isn’t giving you what you desire
  • Plus, access done-for-you scripts to help you say 'NO' to men without any guilt or drama. 

   MODULE #7:

Understanding Men and the Skill of Positive Tension

Let’s face it, they're different to us women! 

And if you want him to give you a forever commitment versus a fun fling, you need to first learn how to communicate and connect with him in a way that he can HEAR  you. 

This final module is oozing powerful and practical strategies to teach you exactly how to understand men so you can welcome in the right one.

Through powerful, step-by step videos you’ll learn:

  • Why men so often fizzle out after coming on strong at the start (and how to keep his attention and attraction going long term)
  • The essential differences between men and women in their approach to love (and how knowing these help attract him like wildfire)
  • The Skill of Positive Tension - What it is and how to use it to increase a man’s curiosity, attention and desire towards you
  • Stop chasing, start pacing: How to bring a man on board with your commitment timeline
  • The 6 Ways Men Feel Respected: and why knowing these helps you connect with a man's heart and create emotional safety for him.
  • How to stop being a 'fixer' woman, and bring out the Seductress within you instead, leaving him thirsting for you. 

Value Of Training Materials Provided: €5000

is your most comprehensive, results based and practical answer to finding the one, once and for all.  

And if this wasn’t enough, we have also added in these irresistible bonuses valued at a total of xXX EURO

Video Masterclass

The Feminine Art Of Texting ($297)

How to hook a busy man’s attention for ALL the right reasons, right from the first chat ;) 

An absolute essential skill-set in a world where men have access to hundreds if not thousands of eligible women online at their fingertips, and to avoid overwhelm and disappointment in those early encounters!  

This masterclass will teach you the art and science of texting a man in a way that makes you stand out and get results (without looking desperate).  

Video Masterclass

Negative Emotional Triggers Management Masterclass ($297)

This expert video class will show you how to rapidly identify the repetitive negative feelings & emotional triggers that may have caused you to sabotage perfectly good relationships in the past, and the steps to take to heal them now!

Video Masterclass

Navigating Sex as an Empowered Single Diva, So You're ONLY having Sex on YOUR terms  ($297)

This training will help you claim sovereignty over your body.

Feel empowered to say no or yes to sex and never again feel obligated to sleep with a man, just because he bought you dinner! ;)

This empowering video bonus will show you the diva way to navigate physical intimacy in dating in a way it works for you, regardless of what a man expects from you ;) 

Video Masterclass

Navigating Mid-Level Dating & Get Answers To Pressing Questions About Handling Money, Sex & Commitment During this Phase  ($297) 

Elevate is not just about cracking early dating.

It is about helping you go all the way to the proposal. This training will empower you to handle the ‘mid-level dating’ phase with the man you like with confidence & ease. The conversations about money / values / the future come up during the 3-4 month mark which I call the mid-level dating & this training will help you ACE this phase.

Full Video Program

Connecting Emotionally With Men (597 EURO) 

 The Must Do’s of Early Dating 

The first few dates with a man determine whether or not the relationship will become a forever commitment.  Use this handy cheat sheet where we’ve broken down the Early Dating Essentials you can’t afford not to know!

Here is a recap of everything you get when you join Elevate


Join Today

 and get INSTANT access to the content to get a headstart before the live calls kick off on October 1st



Payment Plan

OR Choose to upgrade to our

The Platinum Package is

perfect for women who want to fast track unimaginable results in their love lives

with the most customized, VIP experience possible.

Platinum gives you all the benefits of ELEVATE, but with a deeply personalized level of private 1-1 support from Sami and her world-class team of coaches.

In this package - the upgrade of ALL upgrades, you’ll access everything in the Elevate Gold Group Coaching Package PLUS:

A life-changing 1-1 relationship strategy session with Sami Wunder herself  

to help you rapidly identify exactly what needs to shift in order to attract the empowered, masculine man of your wildest dreams

(Value: 3000 euros )

1 day of unlimited voice coaching every month with Sami 

(that’s 6 days of unlimited support in total across the six months)!  Just imagine having intimate access to Sami Wunder on speed dial where she’ll answer your biggest burning questions; troubleshoot your dating or relationship issues and provide expert guidance and direction for next-level results.

(Value: 6000 euros )

Finally, you also get 8 x 1-1 breakthrough coaching sessions with Sami’s highly trained expert team

to help you clear and release any blocks holding you back and feel personally supported to implement the proven strategies Sami teaches.

(Value: 5000 euros )

As Platinum has the highest level of personalized access to Sami and her team there are strictly limited spots available.  For all the details and to see if this is the right fit for you

As our signature program, Elevate has the maximum number of client engagements and happily-ever-afters
(many of which you will find on this page)!

This is because the women in Elevate choose to make a courageous investment in themselves as well as committing to doing the inner and outer work that makes ALL the difference to finding their forever soulmate and attracting their dream relationship. 

So my love...

will YOU be our Next Success Story? 

The value that this program will add to your love life & your life quality in general is PRICELESS.

Our clients say that elevating their energy inside the program has led to elevation in several other aspects of their life. 

Why Elevate is the No. 1 Choice
compared to Any Other Dating & Relationship
Coaching Program


  • 6 months of live coaching support (24 weeks) with direct access to Master Coach Sami Wunder and her expert team of coaches on your personal situations. 
  • A private facebook community that is moderated DAILY, with feedback from the Lead Master Coach Sami Wunder herself & her trained coaches to every single question within 48 hours or sooner. 
  • Full year access to the revolutionary 6 step Love Success FrameworK with proven results, essential to mastering the inner & outer work to find your forever soulmate.
  •  Learning directly from Europe’s No. 1 Love Coach and the “Get The Ring Coach” (as recognized by the BBC)
  • Over 900+ success stories and counting. Nobody else has these kind of results in the industry!
  • Certified CPD Coach - so you know you're in safe hands & all testimonials are officially verified by a leading independent body.
  • A program with vast experience that has already been run for 13 editions across nearly a decade, creating a World-Class experience (and one that has been continuously improved & upgraded based on client surveys & feedback).  

Other Programs:

  • 12 - 16 weeks of live Coaching (if any at all) at a similar level of investment!
  • The programs that offer private coaching at this investment often don't have robust results to prove they work. 
  • Most programs teach only 1 or 2 steps (typically taught topics include mindset, boundaries & feminine energy)
  • Most Facebook groups are either unmoderated completely or are only left to be supported by their associate coaches which is NOT the case inside Elevate. 
  • Vast majority of programs are not CPD Certified, so you have no proof of credibility or expertise or validity of testimonials.
  • No other program has the same amount of experience nor has been running for the same length of time!

I know what you’re thinking…

→ "Sami, it's a lot of money to invest in my love life, 
especially if other people depend on me (kids / parents etc)".

This is exactly how Otilia thought, as a single mum of 3…
but for the first time ever in her life, she dived in and CHOSE herself before everyone else! 

“This is an investment in MYSELF…” 

→ “I´ve done other love coaching programs
but they did not work for me”. 

It was the same for Jay from the UK who had struggled in her love life for over 10 years
and read various books and programs but Elevate (previously called my Inner Circle)
was where things FINALLY shifted for her (once and for all). 

→ “ I am not sure I will get enough attention inside a group setting”.

Mona had the same concern. She was tempted to do private coaching with another love coach for the same investment as for Elevate group support but our RESULTS and track record inspired her to choose us! This is what she said after joining the program..
More live support than she could even imagine! 

You Have 3 Choices At This Point…

You can either continue to play the roulette wheel of tedious blind-dating & frog-kissing in the hope that one day you land a man who values you for who you are (but if you’re reading this I’m guessing that hasn’t happened yet)...


You can attempt to crack the code of finding a healthy, masculine man on your own, in a way that leads to passionate and committed long term relationships and cross your fingers that Google comes up with the right goods…


You can access the proven & results based Love Success Framework that has helped over 900 women (and more) to attract their empowered masculine man (even if they had been unlucky in love before). 

You can be like Minal, a doctor from Washington D.C., who attracted her HUSBAND within a year of doing the work inside Elevatedespite a series of failed relationships before this. 

You can invest in your own happiness like our SINGLE MAMMA Elevate client Navneet from Australia who attracted her amazing husband by following the Love Success Framework inside & it also helped her child by demonstrating what healthy love looks like (priceless).  

You can get over a break-up and rewrite a brand new story of your love life like Ashley, a banker from New York, who attracted her incredibly handsome & loyal husband by following the Love Success Framework after her last relationship ended badly & left her with a low self-esteem. 

You can be swept off your feet like Cheyenne, an attorney from Arizona who attracted an amazing, DEVOTED husband, despite having initial insecurities around being a plus size woman. 

You can be like Bernadette, single mamma in her late 40s, who attracted her loving husband within two rounds of live coaching support inside Elevate, after failing at love and feeling ‘unlucky in love’ her entire life. 

You can be like Ritika, an Indian diva from Canada, who never again has to wonder if a man will cheat on her, because she has attracted a man who only has the HOTS for HER by following the Love Success Framework inside Elevate.

You can be like Christian, who attracted her first healthy, exclusive relationship at the age of 33 after following the tools & processes inside Elevate, despite having insecurities that ‘something must be wrong with her’ that she never had a man before this. 

You can be like Lea, a single mamma, who did many love coaching programs, read 100s of books but it was the Love Success Framework in Elevate that attracted her husband within ONE live round of Elevate.

The choice Is Yours! 

Nobody else is coming to your rescue. 

You have to be the HEROINE of your own life and save yourself. If you want your love life to flourish & have that dream of your beautiful family come true, you have to dive in, take action and do the work to make it happen yourself.

Ready for your Next Level Love and to be our next success story?

We are the absolute, proven experts at helping you meet your love goals. 



  • 6 months of live coaching support (24 weeks) with direct access to Master Coach Sami Wunder and her expert team of coaches on your personal situations. 
  • A private facebook community that is moderated DAILY, with feedback from the Lead Master Coach Sami Wunder herself & her trained coaches to every single question within 48 hours or sooner. 
  • Full year access to the revolutionary 6 step Love Success FrameworK with proven results, essential to mastering the inner & outer work to find your forever soulmate.
  •  Learning directly from Europe’s No. 1 Love Coach and the “Get The Ring Coach” (as recognized by the BBC)
  • Over 900+ success stories and counting. Nobody else has these kind of results in the industry!
  • Certified CPD Coach - so you know you're in safe hands & all testimonials are officially verified by a leading independent body.
  • A program with vast experience that has already been run for 13 editions across nearly a decade, creating a World-Class experience (and one that has been continuously improved & upgraded based on client surveys & feedback).  

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions About Elevate


We are currently enrolling for the 14th edition of ELEVATE with live coaching support. It starts on 1st October 2023 and ends 31st March, 2024. However, you can begin the curriculum as soon as you sign up today!.


You get to keep the contents of Elevate for an entire year and study it as many times as you want to. If you'd like to retain access after a year, you can do so at a small membership fee.


Tremendous amounts, if you show up and use it.

You receive 12 live video coaching + Q&A call on Zoom, where you can show up and ask the team or me questions and receive live coaching.

You get to participate in 6 intensive implementation sessions with senior trained coach Natalie Deadman, who will be guiding you in practicing my tools. 

You also get to start AND end the program with a special bonus, energy-setting session, directly with me, where we will set the intention for your journey.

Not to mention the brand new 6 Content teaching workshops with coach Katrina, to help you navigate the curriculum in an efficient way

That's 24 live calls in total, over the 6 months of Elevate.

You also get support on the private Facebook group from your fellow sisters, and the team of coaches also keep a close eye on you.


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By popular demand, all live calls take place during the weekend.

For the singles group, the call timings are as follows:  

- Calls with Sami Wunder Saturday, 3pm Berlin time (9 am New York) 

- Calls with Coach Natalie Deadman -

- Calls with Coach Katrina Small -

An exact schedule with all dates and times will be provided at the start of the program.

If you cannot make it live, you can watch the recordings that are made available on the portal within 48 hours. 



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The value of the program is over 25,000 euros but your investment is JUST 8888 Euros.

Flexible installment plans are also available.

Right now, during the launch phase, you can get in for as little as 6999 euros (making savings of over 1889 euros)! If your heart is calling you for this, but you can only do it with a custom payment plan, reach out and share your personal case with us on

We cannot guarantee anything, but we promise to consider and do our best!


'Leap Into Love' and Elevate are extremely in synergy together.

Elevate: Next Level Love is LIL on steroids.

We take numerous LIL clients into Elevate to help them fast-track their progress with our live coaching support and my expertise on board.

Some clients even go out after Elevate, to try to do it all themselves, and decide to come back a second time, to get a new round of support with us.

Just because it feels so good to have the support, vs. do it alone.

I have an innate ability to see you, hear you, and feel what's going on with you, and that is the gift you get by being in my presence inside Elevate. Plus, my amazing team of coaches also has your back, which catapults your growth and self-awareness to a whole new level.


Yes. There is an entire onboarding process to help you become friends with the program and prepare you for the 6-month journey ahead.

Plus, you also get several bonus expert masterclasses that contain the Wunder concepts and foundation tools that you will need to get started with ELEVATE.


Private support exclusively with Sami begins at 30K plus.

However, for quick laser-focused access, there is the option of Voice Coaching with Accelerate for 3333 euros per month.


The private Facebook group offers community support from your fellow sisters and from my team of coaches.

From our Elevate survey feedback, the ladies have rated the support as exceptional.

The coaches and myself are greatly present on the group to support.


We rarely get this question. Over 90% of our current Elevate clients have rated the support in the program with a 10/10.

ELEVATE: Next Level Love is for women ready to invest and commit in themselves to get breakthrough results.  As it is not just a recorded training program but a program that includes personalized support across the six whole months and requires intensive private time from myself and my team to run, we therefore do not offer refunds.


This is the question we get most frequently, so let me break this down. I want to be honest with you. Elevate is not a magic pill. Basically, it will NOT work unless you do the work.

It would be completely unethical for me to ‘guarantee’ you A MAN or a healed marriage at the end of Elevate but what I do have is a SOLID TRACK RECORD in helping women like you find and keep amazing love (900 success stories and counting)!

This means that I can ‘almost’ guarantee that if you do the work, Elevate has everything you need to attract a loving, empowered romantic relationship or heal the one you're in right now.

For some clients it may take longer than one round of Elevate and for others, you may meet your man or shift the dynamics of your relationship within WEEKS of joining the program.

Every woman and her journey is different. But if you are the type of woman who stays engaged and does the work, I can promise you that it is impossible to NOT get results inside ELevate.

Countless Elevate grads have shared their stories and you can find them here.

I honestly see no reason why Elevate won´t work for you if you are willing to show up and do the work. We will give you all the tools, support and resources you need to make it happen. So if you do the work, Elevate is BOUND to work for you.


It starts with trusting yourself and your intuition. Step up and claim it - and don't do it with fear or anxiety.

For once, do it with clarity and joy. TRust yourself!!!

And if you still have questions or are wondering if this is right for you, just book a complimentary call and speak to a member from my team by clicking here.

More  Elevate Graduates Who Found Love

At 40, Sònia Got Engaged To The Love Of Her Life & Also Attracted Her Dream Job

I just got engaged to the love of my life and I am extremely happy! But I was not just 'lucky' - I made a huge investment in myself and a lot of deep inner work to get here.

My love life had always been... miserable. Nothing lasted more than a few months for me. Two years ago, when a man told me he 'wasn't feeling it for me anymore,' I told myself that love if not for me. I was ready to give up on my dreams of love and family.

My intuition told me that I was the common denominator in all my failed dating experiences, but I was exhausted and did not know what to do.

Then I found Sami Wunder, and recognized myself in every word she said. She gave me hope once again. Whenever I implemented Sami's teachings, I saw immediate changes.

The investment in Elevate and other programs was all so worth it, every single penny - I would do it a thousand times more.

And it's not only about the man. I also attracted the job of my dreams, where I get to travel the world, VIP style, and can make a great living from my passion.

This work has made such a difference in my whole life!


Jay Went From Chronically Single To Happily In Love From Elevate Singles Group

I was the smart, sexy, successful and chronically single woman, when I found Sami Wunder through a friend who invited me to go to her live event at the Shangri-La in London.

I felt a connection with Sami, and knew that I needed to do something if I wanted things to look different in my love life.

I did a deep dive with Elevate, which back then felt like a crazy amount of money.

3 months into the program, I remember I had no dates, and Sami reminding me to trust and have faith.

Well, today I am celebrating a year of meeting my most wonderful man. He takes me to the races, invites me on holidays, introduces me proudly to all his friends. I have never been happier, and it feels so good to see my career success come full circle with success in my private life, too.

Even if I put the wonderful man aside, Sami's work helped me regain my sense of self-worth, have strong boundaries, taught me how to lean back in my Feminine Energy with men - and that has been priceless to implement in all aspects of my life.

I am so grateful to Sami and this work, and recommend it wholeheartedly to all my friends and all women who want to experience personal fulfilment and love in their lives.


Natalie Attracted Her Amazing Man Within 6 Months Of Working With Sami

Sami Wunder's work Is 100% authentic, inspiring & life-changing!

It provides the most in-depth and expansive understanding I have seen so far, about creating a vivid, loving and solid relationship, with ourselves and with the man in our lives.

It's so easy to read reviews and not whole-heartedly believe them, but I want to tell you that this photo of mine shows nothing but the truth behind the results this programme has got for me.

Within 6 months of starting to work with Sami, I attracted a naturally flowing, happy relationship with an incredible man.

We had a beautiful wedding in Scotland in March 2018, and my husband continues to passionately go out of his way to see me radiant and content every single day.

Thank you, Sami, for doing what you do!


Lauren's Man Proposed To Her Within A Month Of Joining Elevate For Singles.

I joined Elevate at what felt like the biggest investment of my life back then.

I came out of it with a ring on my finger from my soulmate, and an empowered mindset at all levels: men, money, and relationships.

Sami's work is not for the weak-hearted, but if you're ready to truly grow and uplevel and be a diva, you're in the best hands.


Lisette Attracted Her Husband, Two Months After Being Supported Inside Elevate

What can I say? I had my share of ups and downs in the journey of attracting my soulmate.

I was inside Elevate when a man I thought was my one, but he fizzled out on me. It was painful, but Sami and her team's support allowed me to recover quickly and not give up. As you can see, I am so glad I did not give up!

I am happily married today to a man who adores the ground I walk on. My husband and I are now expecting our first baby.

Sami was a godsent in my life, and I can never thank her enough for believing in me when I did not believe in myself.


Dani Recovered Her Confidence, Changed Her Relationship Patterns, & Attracted The Love Of Her Life

Sami helped me to leave a toxic 5-year relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. 

It was extremely difficult at that point but thanks to this work, I kept going.

A year later and after lots of Wunder rotational dating, I have attracted my Soulmate Love - a wonderful, kind, chivalrous man who adores both my Daughter and I and treats me like a Queen.

5 months into dating, my Handsome Prince whisked me away and took me shopping for a ring! We will be moving into a brand new home together once we are Engaged, and we are planning a gorgeous baby after the wedding.

The support of Sami and learning with my fellow Divas inside Elevate allowed me to fully navigate the pitfalls of dating and relationships, embody feminine energy, and do the critical healing inner work to attract the very Man I desired.

Thank you Sami for changing my life and helping me to attract the love and happiness I truely deserve - a life investment I will never regret!


Anita Got Engaged To Her Soulmate & Was Supported All The Way Through Her Journey.

I was engaged within 6 months of starting to work with Sami!

Sami Wunder is truly one of kind, and the community of women she has created inside Elevate is the most supported and responsive I have ever seen.

Sami's teachings are not for the light-hearted, as they literally turn everything we think is the right way on its head. It's like learning to walk again, and doing things in whole different way which was for sure challenging.

That's why having a community by your side is so important. My IC siters were there guiding me every step of the way on the tricky path of finding my soulmate.

Sami, thank you for the bottom of my heart! You truly are a DIVA and made me create my diva wedding and life, which I love. Thank you beautiful lady!


Soni Manifested Her Dream Man & Transformed Herself Into A Confident Diva And A Model For Her Daughter 

Sami's programs were the biggest game-changer in my life. Because of this work, I have attracted a man who treats me like the Queen of his heart.

Not only that, but Sami's work turned me from an insecure, people-pleasing, good-girl to a confident woman who is sure of her worth.

This has not just been an investment for me, but also for my daughter, something that I can pass on to her as she enters adulthood.

My daugther told me: "Mom, you have become more strong now and every little thing doesn’t make you dip and spiral down. You don’t stress or worry about things like you use to before. I'm so proud of you!" 

Ladies, if you’re on the fence about signing up, you don’t have to think twice. It’s worth every penny and more. It’s not only changed my love life, but all areas of my life are more abundant. Sami, I’m truly grateful for you!”


ELEVATE Is For You If -

  • You are a woman who enjoys making money and loves her career success - but treats her love life as THE biggest priority right now!
  • You are a woman who knows the importance of having a balanced personal life, who wants to experience deep, intimate, connected soulmate love… and not live a life without it.
  • You are a woman who places as much value (if not more) on personal success, as she does on business success.
  • You are a woman who understands the priceless importance of her time, and who wants her Next Level Love NOW, not 6 months later in the future.
  • You are a woman who values being supported and having an amazing community of women on her side vs. doing it alone.
  • And you want to do this with ease, fun and JOY!

ELEVATE is for single women looking to experience their Next Level Love

If your relationship status changes during the program itself, it is possible to transfer between the two groups, for a small fee.

LEVATE Is NOT For You If -

  • You are looking for someone to save you from yourself.
  • You place the responsibility of your results outside of yourself.
  • You are often urgent, unhappy, impatient, dissatisfied with life and others in general.
  • Your love life is not a priority for you.

ELEVATE With A Global Community 
of Women – With Confidence

This is us running the 14th edition of Elevate: Next Level Love.

Elevate has existed since 2017, and it has been called by various names,
based on my own journey of evolution.

Nearly 1000 Elevate graduates from almost 25 countries have been a part of this program.

It's always been the place where my clients have been able to access me exclusively, stay in my energy and be in my personal container - at a reasonable investment and without paying my multiple 5-figure private coaching prices.

Our retention rate is as high as 40%, because our clients love the support on it so much!

Elevate is also our program with the largest number of engagements and happy ever-afters, as well as healed marriages and relationships.


into trust

One of the most fundamental building blocks of ELEVATE would be anchoring together into the energy of trust, faith and surrender that things are working out for you, and that the outcomes you desire are manifesting themselves, even when you don't see them.

From this place, dating to attract your empowered masculine man or healing your relationship becomes a place of fun & play, vs. striving or working hard to make things better.

6 weeks is when you will start seeing results & noticing internal shifts, move out of rehearsed negative emotional triggers, and rewire the brain to practice new empowered behaviors.

Sign me up, Sami!

Welcomes You!

The place where ...

Forever single women have attracted the love of their lives, without twisting themselves into pretzels for men.

Take A Look At Some More Of Our Elevate Success Stories!

And while our hearts light up on sharing our engagement rate and Happily Ever-Afters, we take even more frigging pride in our clients finding their true selves, leveling up on their boundaries, finding their voice, and finding that secret formula to living and attracting the love they want - with ease and joy and abundance!

 Look At These Clients' Personal Diva Transformations & Heartfelt Messages -

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Why Investing TODAY (NOT LATER)
Is The Right Call?

Uncertainty is ruling the world right now, but in all truth… 
Is there ever a time in life that is NOT uncertain?

If the past 3 years taught us something, it is that we can’t pause our lives – we need to take advantage of every precious moment we have, because we never know what’s going to happen!

Elevate gives you the chance to start the best relationship of your life. If you decided to put it on hold, wouldn’t you regret not taking action sooner when you’re happily in the arms of your incredible man?

Even in uncertain times like these, investing in something that is so deep, so true, is the right choice. Because there is no wear and tear to inner work – no fads, no trends, no upgrade needed.

The work you’ll do inside Elevate and the skills of romance you will learn will last you a lifetime.

All our success stories start with women who decided to put themselves and their love lives first, and invest in true, deep transformation. For some, this was an easy choice – for others, it meant saving for months.But in the end, they all ended up with a huge sense of knowing they did the right thing, because the massive shifts they achieved in 6 months completely changed their lives.

Still Want To Ensure This Is Right For You Or Explore Alternative Payment Options?

And Here's Even More Of Our Happy Clients!

What Industry Experts Are Saying
About Sami Wunder's Work

Sami, what can I say, I wanted you to help me with our event, but you stole the show!

I personally listened to your audio on Feminine energy and I was mesmerized for the entire hour. I shared your training with our Mastermind group, and 5 weeks later, the women have begun noticing a difference in how men look at them, treat them and beg them for their attention.

What you do is simply priceless.




In my field, I come across many “experts”, but Sami is the real deal.

She absolutely walks her talk and has helped thousands of women transform their vulnerability into true strength.

In this day and age, we need more women to fully step into their power, and we need more leaders like Sami who are paving the way to do so!



The results Sami's clients get are truly incredible. 

I've met a lot of Love & Relationship Coaches, but I've yet to meet a coach that gets her clients such fast results. 

The number of proposals her clients have had just in this year is remarkable - her stuff really works!

I've referred many of my girlfriends to Sami's FB group and website, and highly recommend anyone needing help in love to follow her closely!



Still On The Fence?
Schedule A Complimentary CLARITY CALL TODAY!

We understand that ELEVATE Next Level Love can be a big step. 
That's why we have a team of consultants to help! 

Our consultants know the program inside and out, and they are able to assess your situation in dating.

You can ask all your questions about this program,
and share any fears or doubts that are holding you back from diving in.

While this is a sales call, our team will tell you truthfully whether or not ElevatE is the right course for you.

At the end of this call, you can expect to have clarity
on the best decision for you and the future of your love life.


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